Powerful Call to Action Phrases That can Boost Your Sale to 30%

A call to action is a tiny thing that can make or break your online business. When your whole knowledge and power get packed into a tiny space that is known as the ‘Call to Action’ button. It is the fact that your online business cannot perform until you optimize the ‘Call to Action’ button.

After researching for years and wasting money for it, we have reached the conclusion that how to optimize Call to Action in writing buttons to get more conversion. There are many tricks and tactics that can turn a simple word into extreme conversion tools such that you can boost your conversion up to 30%.

Powerful Call to Action Phrases

Here is a list of most used words that you should try as Powerful Call to Action phrases buttons to increase your conversion rates.

Call To Action Phrases Examples

Start Your Free Trial Now:

Normally, when any user has a look at the “Sign up” option on any website they think it to be a lengthy process and can be a delay. So it is better to keep your call to action button looks like instant action. ‘Start Your Free trial now’ is consisting of the instant action word ‘now’ which appeals to users to take action instantly.

Sign Up For Free [Reward, Prize, or Membership]:

This does not appeal to customers to take instant action, but it is the most useful tool because it offers them free rewards and premium memberships. This phrase can amazingly increase the conversion rate of your online business.

The total power exists in the single word ‘Free’. Many successful companies use this tool mainly for their Powerful Call to Action Phrases and it works like a charm for them.

Get [ Benefit or Services ] today:

This CTA works like wonder all because of the word ‘Today’. This makes the customer feel as if the product or service is very limited. The feel of limited time can compel them to take action on the button.

All you have to do is to explain the advantages and qualities of your product and services and you will see people favoring your product positively.

Try It Free For [ Time ]

When you use this CTA you are imposing the soft term ‘Try’. This word shows some risks involve with the product or service. This can be a very effective CTA because people like experimenting.

Many top companies use this CTA on their websites, including Microsoft and Freshbooks.

Learn More:

This CTA works best if you have an informative website and showing information about a multi-step tutorial for the product and services.

This is a classic CTA that shows people’s need and necessity of the product, so it is short and direct action.

Send Me the [ Product/Service ] Right Now:

This CTA is based on the first-person concept which makes users feel interconnected with the product. The powerful word ‘me’ makes it closer to the sense of connection.

This first-person word can be really strong and closely related to the word ‘Right now’ that compels customers to take action instantly.

Order Your [ product ] Today:

Again the word ‘today’ shows instant gratification. In this kind of CTA, it is best to make customers feel that the service you are providing is promising.

Whenever you offer customers product or service with instant gratification it will work like an appeal to try them out and it is likely to produce action.

Get your Free [ Something ]:

This is one of the most effective Powerful Call to Action Phrases and an awesome way to increase conversion rates. The ‘free’ word makes people curious and excited so it’s a short but powerful CTA.

Yes, you will definitely need to offer something for free. But for any online business, it is not so tough to provide a sample, trial, tutorial, or an eBook.

Experience The Benefits of [Products/ Services]:

When you use ‘Experience’ in CTA then you are getting the emotional advantage because the word ‘experience’ shows sense. This can be a very strong tool as CTA but it works only when you provide better products or services to the customers. With this powerful call to action phrases, People can be compelled to produce an action if your product or service is desirable to them.

Get [Discount] while Supplies Last:

This is another well-proven tactic to create urgency for people by offering a limited period offer. This tends to immediate action by the customer when you provide them an offer for a limited time.

The word ‘Discount’ can appeal to their desire and need when the time is running out and is limited. The best way to produce conversion with this CTA is to make ads using this phrase, which can work better than the click button.

Only [No of Products] Left. Hurry up, lock Your Order now:

This is a psychological fact that when anything is in the limited amount people will rush to it. Most of the big firms use these tactics to get more conversions.

All you have to do is to select your best-rated product for this and reduce their price for a limited period, you will see amazing growth in conversion.

Get [Product] Today and get extra [Product/Service] free:

This is another well-proven tactic that actually works. When you throw free stuff with your other product your conversions will get a huge hike.

This is the common trick you can see in shopping malls or big retail shops. Whatever the product (either new or famous) is, it will work like a charm.

Talk to us

Normally people use ‘contact us’ pages on their business websites, but this CTA is much better than that. This CTA shows faithfulness that can attract more customers to click on your site.

This simply appeals to people to have faith in you because they can talk to you anytime. The more people believe in you more will be your conversion.

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See how it Works:

If you are planning to launch any product or service, then it is best to use this CTA for your product. The word ‘How’ makes curiosity among the customers. People like to discover new things and this will make them produce an action.

This CTA is good for SaaS and much better than taking a risk by asking people to Buy or Subscribe. It is like an adventure for the people because they want to dive in.

Subscribe Now:

It is probably the most common CTA, found on almost every website. But it is still a powerful tool because you do not need to say anything else.

This two-word CTA can increase your conversions of online business if you have already done some great work with a particular product or service.


There is just not a single trick to make a great call to action example for sale, perhaps you can make them in unlimited ways. But selecting the best from them is the main issue. There is plenty of call to action generators available on the internet, you can also use them.

Maybe you tend to check by implementing all the above methods one by one on your site, but that will not be a solution. To pick the best one you have to find out the psychology of the product and the related CTA that can provide a positive impact on your conversions.

Yes, there is no doubt CTA is the key to getting great conversions. Everything depends on your selection of CTA’s. If you select a bad one you will get low conversions and choosing the best can bring you a huge conversion. So it’s better to select one or two call to action email examples from the above list and use it according to your business requirement.

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Powerful Call to Action Phrases That can Boost Your Sale to 30%

A call to action is a tiny thing that can make or break your online business. When your whole knowledge and power get packed...

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