How to Repair Corrupt Video Files [Guide]

Nowadays, video is the main factor when it comes to content or just an ordinary video posting on social media. It is an essential factor in marketing, blogging, recording, playback, etc. We usually shoot a short video or a boomerang frequently or many times, but what is it gets corrupted? If the video gets damaged, then specific techniques will repair corrupt Video Files by understanding the root cause and the tricks to fix them. 

Many times when you shoot a long video, it doesn’t play on the desktop, and the problem mostly arises for mp4 videos. Mostly video is in different forms but commonly found are of mp4 format. The desktop mostly refuses to play videos of mp4 format, so the only solution is repairing the video file. Here are some easy techniques which will help you to improve your video files.

How to Repair Corrupt Video Files

Why isn’t the video playing?

  1. Check your phone or a device is virus-free before transferring a video or checks whether you issue a video from a virus-free device. Many times it happens that you download the file from the website, which is malware filled, or the video file contains malware. Even the USB in which you store the data must be virus free to access the video without errors.
  2. Do not shot the video in a low battery phone or a camera because it can cause a problem. There is always a need for a video repair for saving a proper video.
  3. Have a proper media player of the latest version to access a video file. You must have the media player of the latest version and an appropriate video to repair the mp4 file and run it without any issues.
  4. Maybe the command has errors in reading or writing, or the file can be incorrect. Mp4 has always been the safest bet.

These are the root causes of the corrupted file, which can be cured with simple techniques for free! 


Make use of different software as a player:

There are many devices on which you can play a video file, but sometimes it happens that your default Windows or a MacBook won’t support or read your video, and there are also some processing issues regarding it. So, to fix this problem, there’s a solution to safely downloading the VLC player through their website. Here you can change the format as well as fix the codec issues and again replay the corrupted video. Only through these few steps you can easily fix your mp4 files and replay it.

Try the repair tool

Once you upload few tools like RecoverIt or any mp4 video repair tool in your portal, then it repairs your damaged video in any format. There’s an easy way to fix a video, and you just need to upload, click repair, and download to repair the video file. In case if you don’t want to use VLC and download any software with a risky malware in your desktop, then there are advanced tools and options which will fix your damaged video file.

Check your device

Always check your device and keep it updated to keep a keen watch on your media players. Check whether you have the latest system with more than one media player to access any video format. Check whether your antivirus is up to date along with this store your video file in various spaces like cloud PC hardware and USB so that if any of them goes corrupted, you can fix them by playing it from the other device.

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You could copy the video files on other devices, also like a mobile phone or your friend’s PC, and see whether it works there too. Along with this, rename the file and store that file in other devices with other formats and then replay it. In this way, you can find a solution over the video file. 


These are the simple techniques that will Repair Corrupt Video Files for free, which are very useful for both beginner and a tech expert. You don’t need to worry about the errors on the screen after spending hours finding a movie or shooting a video now. If the problem with the video file still won’t fix, then you can seek out a professional in this arena, or it can be a time to ditch the video. You can even adjust the video file with an expert if it contains a vital matter to repair those files and see whether the file gets reversed.

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