How To Get Cheapest Cloud Hosting 2020 (4$ for 3 Years)

If you are new into blogging or just have entered into business and searching for a perfect hosting solution then you have landed on the perfect place. We are here with a brand-new cheapest cloud hosting trick that can help you getting a cheapest cloud hosting in just 3 euros or less than 4$.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Before going further details, you need to know what is CLOUD hosting. There are various types of hosting available in the market like Shared hosting. VPS hosting WordPress Managed Hosting, Dedicated IP and Cloud Hosting.

Any website needs a server and a data center. If you talk about shared hosting, it runs on a shared server that is hosting a lot of accounts on same IP. That means if you are using a shared hosting all the tools like data, CPU, RAM etc. are been shared with a lot of people. That is why shared hosting is very slow and always comes in cheap pricing.

However, this is not the case with Cloud hosting. Cloud hosting runs on different principle. It spreads the data across a number of distinct machines along with different servers that are all connected instead of storing and serving your data on a single machine. Basically, “Cloud” is a virtual machine that access all different servers around the globe. It is named as cloud as it only exists in virtual environment. This is why they come with a huge price and searching cheapest cloud hosting is really tough task.

Why I need a Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting provides you privilege to easily create and restore backup of your all websites along with the content. It provides back-end support to your website to withstand the heavy traffic load. That is why it plays a vital role for handling traffic surges.

A cloud hosting can make your website twice as faster compared to shared hosting. The most important plus point is it runs on multiple servers, so in case one server has heavy traffic it automatically diverts users to its another server. And that’s how your website will never show unwanted errors like server loading error etc.

How can you get cheapest cloud hosting for less than 4$?

So, now that you have understood what is cloud hosting, you may be restless to know how can I get a cheapest cloud hosting. Well, this trick will help you to get as many cloud hosting as you want. But before we go to the process, I need to tell you that the offer that we are presenting is from Shark Hosting. So, let’s have a look on what is Shark Hosting and how reliable is it.

Shark Hosting Review:

Shark hosting is a Cloud hosting provider based in UK. They provide premium quality hosting with awesome support and reasonable pricing. If you are new to blogging and want a fast server along with better services like support then this is one stop solution for you.

Shark Hosting serves a huge range of website hosting services that includes, cloud hosting, shared hosting and also adult hosting facilities. It also provides domain registration to its customers. Well, you might have stuck on adult hosting service but it is definitely not an obligation. Here is what their plus point of hosting.

Features of Shark Hosting Services:

Their services include the following features:

  • Domain registration
  • Automated backups for Websites
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
  • Unlimited subdomains and parked domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth and Unlimited SSD storage.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL.
  • Free Software installers for CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupel etc.

Well, the most important feature of Shark Hosting is that they provide Tier 3 data centers of excellent quality. Their data centers are located in England as well as USA. There is something that you need to know that these datacenters ate not their own but collocated from another company’s. This may slower down the process of site speeds and technical issues.

Pricing Structure and Benefits of Shark Hosting:

Well the biggest and awesome plus point of shark hosting is their pricing. They provide all of their services in insanely cheap pricing.

Now the next question arises is why so cheap? Well, they have cut down the overhead profits of the servers by using a remote team of data servers and that makes them cheapest clod hosting service provider. If you compare their plans of cloud hosting to other hosting providers you will acknowledge that their pricing is not even a fraction of other hosts price.

All of their hosting services comes with entitlement of various time periods. For example, you can buy hosting packages for 1,3,6,12,24 and 36 months of time period. The longer duration you will choose cheapest will be your hosting price. However, their highest duration packages come with a very little price.  You can have a look at their pricing chart.

Shark Host Pricing | Cheapest Cloud Hosting

Shark Host Pricing | Cheapest Cloud Hosting 2020

The advance benefits of this hosting are that you can cancel your hosting anytime you want. Along with this they provide 30 days free trial and provide money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

The price range of their offer plans varies from 0$ to 6$. The pricing is totally dependent on your choice of hosting along with the tenure period of hosting.

Customer Assistance:

If you are going to buy any hosting service from any company, this should be your prime concern. Technical assistance is something that you will need every now and then. As for as the shark hosting is concerned, they provide top notch customer services.

This is simply because Shark Hosting is a small company and they don’t want to lose their customers. The most important factor of using service of a small company is that you are the prime concern for them as most important asset.

Trick to get Cloud Web Hosting for less than 4$ for 3 Years

Well, now that you have a better understanding of Shark Host, we can move to our trick. Here is what you need to do to get cheapest Web Hosting in 2020 for less than 4$.

  1. Go to Shark hosting using this link. Shark Host Cloud Services
  2. For the hosting you will see a lot of packages, but this trick works on only two packages.
  3. You can either select Unlimited 1 or Cloud 1 Packages. Just click on the Order Now button below these package lists. Buying Cloud Host
  4. You will be asked to purchase a domain name, if you have already a domain name then you can also select one.Select Domain
  5. Once done this step, you will be redirected to product details page, make sure to select the package duration for 36 months i.e.Tenure
  6. Now click on the checkout, you will see a place to apply coupon. Just copy and paste it in the place of coupon and apply.[learn_more caption=”Click to Get Coupon Code”] 3YR3QUID[/learn_more]  Final Screen | Cheapest Cloud Hosting 2020
  7. You will see that total amount will be reduced to 3 Euros. Now click on checkout and create account.
  8. Once done, pay with PayPal. And Voila! You have received cheapest cloud hosting just for 3 Euros that is even less than 4$.

Verdict: Cheapest Cloud Hosting 2020

Shark Hosting is a cheap, reliable and affordable hosting provider. They have acquired the great up-time award from and have been rated 5 stars on most platforms like Trust pilot.

With this trick and offer you can get cloud hustings as much as you want that too for cheapest pricing for 3 years. I personally don’t think this is a deal to miss. So, grab it before the offer ends.

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