12 Best Online Learning Platforms 2020 with Certificates

We all are stuck into our house due to the pandemic so, here’s the best way to handle it wisely. You got 36 days to improve yourself and make a better version of yourself. Where all the people are watching Netflix and chilling, you get up and take advantage of this period by learning new skills. Here are 12 Best Online Learning Platforms 2020 which will help you to learn new skills and become market-ready with more abilities. There are thousands of new courses on these websites which you can choose wisely.

Best Online Learning Platforms 2020

List Of Best Online Learning Platforms 2020


Udemy provides various best courses that are designed by the experts which are well organized, highly rated, and updated. Here, many of the courses are available at zero cost, and few are paid courses at affordable prices. You can get to know more after visiting the website.

Stanford Online

This platform is another best online e-learning website that provides several courses to learn and provide education to advance your career and enhance your life. You can engage with the other learners, industry as well as faculty online. You also get the option to select from the graduate and professional certificate along with lifelong learning, free learning, advanced degrees, etc. Visit the website to know more about the website.


You will learn various new skills free of cost from this website as Coursera has now collaborated with many leading colleges and has provided many courses like personal development, Computer Science, Business, Data Science, and many more. You also get the chance to learn from the top colleges and many courses are made available for free due to the lockdown so this can be the golden opportunity to get knowledge for free.
To know more visit their website.


In this platform, there is a wide range of courses that are in-demand such as creative skills, management, and tech. This is one of the best websites for e-learning all over the world. More than 1000 courses are available on this platform which is designed by the experts. For a trial, you can access the first month on the website. You can also attend the lectures without the internet as it features an option of “view offline”. To know more, visit the website.


This website will be very helpful to you if you are concerned about knowledge. This platform offers free courses as well as paid degree programs. You will get tons of resources from this website at zero cost. If you want to earn a certificate them you will need to pay a certain amount. This is one of Best Online Learning Platforms 2020 which provides various courses that are free of cost and make every student job-ready will real skills. All the skills taught in the course are very useful in the market and it will be very helpful for the student as well.

You will get to know more about this platform along with the courses after you visit their website, so visit the website to know more.

Open Learning at Harvard

You can start learning from this website and advance your career by pursuing your passion. This platform offers various courses across 193 countries with 6,000,000+ learners. All the courses are designed by the world’s best experts with an enriched learning experience. The courses are available on Computer Science, mathematics, data science, humanities, and many more. There are around 416 courses that are available on this platform to learn.
To know more, visit their website.


Simplilearn is one of Best Online Learning Platforms 2020, where you can learn machine learning, digital marketing, Cloud Architect, PMP, Data Science with R, Certified ethical hacking, and many more. All the courses are been designed by global experts as well as they are taught and facilitated by them. After learning these courses you get certified from the elite universities and get ahead as well as you get to learn from the experts.
This platform is aligned with 40+ accreditation bodies, renowned by the experts as well as supported by enterprises like amazon, orange, visa, etc. It is verified and certified. You can go to their website and know more about them.

MIT Open Courseware

To get the certificate and complete the certifications, you need to complete all the assignments, assessments, and pass all the examinations. This is the online hub that provides various courses which are designed by the world’s best academic and industrial experts. It contains various resources, videos as well as study materials which are based on many disciplines.

You get the chance to explore topics and all your topics will get covered with the basics even if you choose interdisciplinary subjects such as calculus, chemistry, energy transportation, and many more. You will get more information about the courses after you visit their website.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a platform that offers various lectures on courses like finance, economics, mathematics, humanities, etc. with the test prep. This is the website that aims to provide free world-class education which also prepares you for your further examinations including the placement examinations. All the lectures are taken by the subject experts and they provide an easy learning experience. They provide the courses which will make you practice on your own.

The total course will make you understand the course work as well as the subject with homework and prepare you for exams. To know more, visit the website.


Pluralsight is one of Best Online Learning Platforms 2020, where you can learn more about JavaScript, C#, python, and angular courses for free. For April, the website is offering free courses to learn new things. You can easily take control of your career as there are 7000+ free video courses and more. While learning, you will notice your growth and progress with the new skills.

To learn, grow, and know about the particular course, the website provides a 30-day free trial. These days, you will get the basic knowledge about the course and maybe you can tackle new challenges also. Visit their website to know more about them.


You can get certifications through this website into various numbers of subjects such as networking, languages, media studies, health and fitness, and many more. All the courses are interactive as well as enriched with the learning experiences. These are well designed by the subject experts. For the students who want to gain more and more critical knowledge about a particular subject then Alison will be a great option to choose.
This website will help you a lot and offer you certification on a particular subject by giving you deep knowledge about the subject. To know more about the courses and the certifications, you must visit the website.


This website tops in the field of e-learning. It gives free knowledge about the subject with the online certification courses. It ensures that all students get the knowledge in the best way with the certification. There are the training programs on the Data sciences, Computer science, Project Management, TOEFL preparation courses, and many more.

All the instruction given in these websites will build you foundational concepts on the particular topics with the practical examples. As for a learning part, you will get assignments as well as the case studies to implement the skills which are covered in the lectures. To know more, visit the website.


These are the Best Online Learning Platforms that will help you to enhance yourself and improvise yourself through free learning and certifications. Take full advantage of this lockdown and get new skills with certifications.

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12 Best Online Learning Platforms 2020 with Certificates

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